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ES120 Electric Screwdriver Review

For a long time I've been on the look out for a good electric screwdriver. I wanted one that was small, had good build quality, good RPM, and good torque. Now, "good" is a relative term so I'll elaborate a little and say that I do like nice things and most of the screws I use are in the #2 to #10 range. As long as the driver could push these with a decent speed and seat them with a "finger-tight" level of torque, I would be happy. I didn't want something huge like the ones that you can get from the hardware store. Recently I found the ES120 electric screwdriver and it appears like I found what I was looking for.

Honestly, this little electric screwdriver is sweet. It's about the size of a large marker or highlighter and has only one button that controls the entire operation. Holding down this button will turn on the screwdriver and light up a little screen. Rotating the screwdriver clockwise or CCW will start the motor. There are 5 qualitative torqu…